Hidden Beyond Community Tournament — Register Now

Attention all gamers!!!


  1. Follow Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/HiddenBeyondXYZ
  2. Join Telegram Group https://t.me/HiddenBeyondXYZ
  3. Support Hidden Beyond on BNB Chain DAO — Give at least 1 vote to qualify. Instruction can be found here https://medium.com/@hiddenbeyond/how-to-vote-for-hidden-beyond-in-bnb-grant-dao-round-2-1f3b48712608
  4. Fill out the Google Form for verificationhttps://forms.gle/aYkhKs9o9CR4uHgB8.

Game instructions:

  • Qualified players will be invited to the Discord channel.
  • Login credentials will be provided to the qualified players.
  • Each player will have 500 tokens in their accounts.
  • Total of 5 matches can be played. 100 tokens entry fees per match.
  • Each match will last around 5–10 minutes. Players will have 100 tokens inside the match.
  • Players should get more kills and accumulate more tokens.
  • 1 kill gives +8 tokens. 1 death reduces -10 tokens.
  • Top 5 players with the highest tokens will be declared as winners.




Hidden Beyond is an open-world metaverse action-adventure game. Link — www.hiddenbeyond.xyz

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